Minnesotans for Responsible Marijuana Regulation (MRMR) is a broad coalition of Minnesota organizations and individuals supporting and advocating for the legalization and regulation of marijuana in Minnesota for adult recreational use.

Our coalition believes that Minnesota is ready to join the growing number of states that have replaced failed marijuana prohibition laws with sensible regulations that ensure responsible adult use, create new economic opportunities, generate millions in annual tax revenues, reduce racial disparities, and improve the safety of our communities by allowing our law enforcement and criminal justice systems to focus their limited resources on crimes that actually threaten the public. 


MRMR is a 501(c)(4) organization working to inform and engage with our fellow Minnesotans, Minnesota state legislators, and other Minnesota policymakers about the issues, research, and facts around legalizing, regulating, and taxing marijuana in a fair, reasonable, and responsible manner. Our statewide, multi-partisan coalition spans government, industry, non-profit, and civil society.

If you and/or your organization are interested in joining our campaign as a coalition member, please email us at contact@mnisready.org.

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