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Minnesotans for Responsible Marijuana Regulation
Launches as Statewide Coalition

MRMR brings a multi-partisan, statewide, and comprehensive focus to
the marijuana legalization effort in Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN – January 15, 2019: Minnesotans for Responsible Marijuana Regulation (MRMR) announced today that it has launched a statewide, multi-partisan coalition and campaign to support the legalization and regulation of marijuana for safe adult recreational use in Minnesota.
“We believe Minnesota is ready to enact sensible marijuana regulations,” said Sarah Walker, co-chair of the MRMR Steering Committee. “Minnesotans increasingly recognize that marijuana prohibition has failed to stop adult and adolescent use of marijuana, has overburdened our law enforcement and criminal justice systems, and has produced some of the worst racial disparities in our state.” 

Walker continued: “With a governor who publicly supports legalization, and many legislators interested in substantive conversations, now is the time to include Minnesotans throughout the state as we move toward a legalization effort that’s thoughtful and comprehensive.”

MRMR Steering Committee members include:

Dario Anselmo, Former MN State Representative (R-Edina)

Tomme Beevas, Owner of Pimento

Sam Clark, Former St. Paul City Attorney

Ben Feist, Legislative Director of ACLU Minnesota
Jacob Frey, Mayor of Minneapolis

Mark Haase, Attorney and Justice Reform Advocate
Beth Gendler, Executive Director of National Council of Jewish Women MN
Elliot Ginsburg, Attorney at Garner & Ginsburg
Cyndi Lesher, Host Committee Chair, 2008 RNC & Volunteer Committee Chair, 2018 Super Bowl
Carin Mrotz, Executive Director of Jewish Community Action

Branden Petersen, Former MN State Senator (R-Andover)

Joe Radinovich, Former MN State Representative (DFL-Crosby)
Leslie Redmond, Executive Director of NAACP Minneapolis
Zachary Robins, Attorney at Messerli Kramer
Sam Strong, Director of Planning and Economic Development for the Red Lake Nation
Jason Tarasek, Minnesota Political Director for the Marijuana Policy Project
Sarah Walker, Founder of MN Second Chance Coalition

The campaign will be managed by the team of Leili Fatehi and Laura Monn Ginsburg from the Minnesota public affairs firm Apparatus with assistance from Minneapolis attorney Jason Tarasek who serves as the Minnesota Political Director for the Marijuana Policy Project.
More information is available at Media inquiries can be directed to // 952.239.9150.

Minnesotans for Responsible Marijuana Regulation is the statewide coalition and campaign working to legalize and regulate marijuana for safe adult recreational use in Minnesota.

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