An Update from MRMR

A disappointing collateral consequence of Covid-19 is the unavoidable delay in what was to be a historic legislative session for cannabis legalization in Minnesota. 

We appreciate the Minnesota lawmakers like House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler, Assistant Minority Leader Jeff Hayden, and Attorney General Keith Ellison who helped kick off the legislative session at our lobby day last month and the many legislators, staffers, and advocates who worked hard over the summer, fall, and winter to get us to the point where we were only days away from having one of the best comprehensive legalization bills in the country introduced in the Minnesota House of Representatives. 

Our lawmakers are now focused on the monumental challenges our communities face in the days, weeks, and months ahead. We look forward to resuming our work with them as quickly as the crisis at hand allows, especially as we see states that have already legalized adult-use cannabis declaring cannabis retailers to be "essential businesses" while thousands sit in prison for marijuana possession and distribution.