Learn About the Bills

Information on Proposed Legalization Legislation in Minnesota

SF 619 / HF 420 - Regulation of Cannabis for Adult-Use

What it does:

  • Legalizes and regulates adult (21+) possession of cannabis and cannabis products

  • Allows adults to apply for a permit to grow a limited amount of cannabis for personal use

  • Establishes licensing for cultivation, manufacturing, laboratory, and retail facilities

  • Establishes requirements and rulemaking authority for testing and safety measures

  • Grants local units of government the authority to enact more restrictive regulations

  • Mandates the expungement of criminal records for possession or sale of small amounts of cannabis

  • Imposes a scheme for revenue allocation

For more details, download this bill summary from the Marijuana Policy Project.


HF 265 & HF 465 - Constitutional Amendments for Cannabis Legalization

What they do:


These two bills both propose a constitutional amendment to:

  • Legalize and regulate adult (21+) possession of cannabis and cannabis products

  • Allow adults to apply for a permit to grow a limited amount of cannabis for personal use

  • Establish a licensing regime for cultivation, manufacturing, and sale of cannabis

If either bill is passed by the legislature, the proposed constitutional amendment would be placed on the ballot in the 2020 general election. To be enacted, the proposed amendment must receive a "yes" vote from a majority of all voters voting in the election.


SF 897 / HF 717 - Cannabis Legalization Task Force

What it does:

  • Proposes the establishment of a Cannabis Task Force to advise the legislature on the legalization, taxation, and regulation of cannabis.

  • Task Force membership includes the commissioners of the agriculture, health, public safety, revenue, labor, human services, and commerce; the attorney general; the state public defender; a county attorney; a sheriff; a chief of police; a county official; a medical cannabis expert; and a drug treatment expert.